Bombay Bhel$4.95
Puffed rice with ingeradients & spices.
Chat Papadi$4.95
Nachos with ingredients and chutneys.
Chicken Pokora$6.25
Pieces of chicken deep fired with chick peas flour.
Chicken Choila$6.50
Chicken thai meat marinated with nepalese herbs.
Chicken MO:MO (Steamed or Fried)$7.50
Ground chicken mixed with spices & wrapped in dough.
Meat Samosa$5.50
Pastries filled with ground lamb, peas, cashews & spices.
Nepali Khaja$7.95
Nepalese style pickes, chicken choila & beaten rice.
Onion Pakora$4.00
Deep fried onion with chick peas flour.
Vegetable Pakora$4.25
Mixed vegetables deep fried with chick peas flour.
Vegetable Samosa$4.50
Pastries filled with potates, peas & herbs.


Dal Soup$4.00
Yellow split lentil soup.
Momo Soup$5.95
Tibetan style chicken dumpling soup.
Thukpa Soup$4.95
Nepalese style noodles with vegetables soup.
Aloo Tama Soup$4.50
Typical himalayan style soup.


Garden Salad$5.25
Fresh vegetables with raita or vinegar dressing.
Katchumber Salad$5.95
Cucumber with ingredients and homemade sauce.
Chicken Tikka Salad$7.95
Tandoor broiled chicken breast over salad with dressing.

Kumari Specialities (Served with Rice except Noodles)

Chicken Chilly$14.95
Chicken sauteed with vegetables & spices.
Dal Bhat Set (Vegetarian Dish)$15.95
Typical Nepalese everyday meal.
Nepali Bhojan (Non Vegetarian Dish)$16.95
Occasional Nepalese meal.
Chow Chow (Stair fired noodles)
Goat Curry$16.95
Goat with bone in nepalese style sauce.
Nepali Tarkari$14.95
Chicken with mushrooms, potates & spices.

Chicken Dishes (Served with rice)

Butter Chicken$14.50
Chicken in creamy tomato sauce.
Chicken Curry$14.50
Chicken in a curry sauce.
Chicken Jalfreezi$14.50
Chicken with vegetables & herbs.
Chicken Kadai$14.95
Chicken with vegetables & herbs in a mild sauce.
Chicken Korma/Coconut Korma$14.95
Chicken in a mild cashew creamy sauce.
Chicken Pasanda$14.95
Chicken & peppers in a cashew white sauce.
Chicken Saag$14.95
Chicken with spinach & herbs.
Chicken Tikka Masala$14.95
Chicken tikka in a creamy sauce with herbs.
Chicken Vindaloo$14.95
Chicken with potates in a vindaloo sauce.

Lamb Dishes (Served with rice)

Boti Kabab Masala$16.95
Lamb Kabab in a creamy sauce with spices.
Lamb Curry$15.50
Lamb in a curry sauce & spices.
Lamb Jalfreezi$15.50
Lamb with vegetables & herbs.
Lamb Korma$16.25
Lamb in a mild cashew creamy sauce.
Lamb Rogan Josh$15.50
Lamb cooked in a homemade yogurt sauce.
Lamb Pasanda$16.50
Lamb & peppers in a cashew white sauce.
Lamb Saag$15.50
Lamb & fresh spinach cooked with spices.
Lamb Vindaloo$15.50
Lamb with potates in a vindaloo sauce.

Seafood Dishes (Served with rice)

Bombay Fish Curry$16.95
Salmon in a homemade sauce with spices.
Fish Tikka Masala$16.95
Salmon in a homemade creamy sauce with herbs.
Fish Vindaloo$16.95
Salmon with potates in a vindaloo sauce.
Goa Fish Curry$16.95
Salmon in a creamy cashew & coconut sauce.
Shrimp Masala$17.95
Shrimp with home made sauce & herbs.
Shrimp Korma/Coconut Korma$17.95
Shrimp in a mild cashew creamy sauce.
Shrimp Saag$17.95
Shrimp & fresh spinach cooked with herbs.
Shrimp Vindaloo$17.95
Shrimp with potates in a vindaloo sauce.
Shrimp Pasanda$17.95
Shrimp & peppers in a cashew creamy white sauce.

Vegetable Dishes (Served with rice)

Aloo Gobi Masala$11.95
Cauliflower & potatoes in a mild sauce with spices.
Aloo Matar$10.95
Potatoes & green peas in a mild sauce.
Aloo Palak$11.50
Potatoes cooked with spinach & herbs.
Aloo Zeera$10.95
Sauteed potatoes with cumin seed & herbs.
Baigan Bhartha$11.95
Roasted eggplant with green peas & spices.
Bhindi Masala$11.95
Sauteed okra with tomatoes, onions & herbs.
Chana Masala$11.95
Chick peas with tomatoes & herbs.
Dal Makhani$11.50
Black beans cooked in a mild butter sauce.
Kadai Paneer$13.50
Homemade cheese & vegetables in a mild sauce.
Malai Kofta$11.95
Balls of vegetables in a cashew creamy sauce.
Mixed Vegetables Curry$11.95
Mixed vegetables in a curry cause with herbs.
Mixed Vegetables Pasanda$12.50
Mixed vegetables in a cashew creamy white sauce.
Mushroom Matar$11.50
Mushrooms & green peas in a curry sauce.
Navaratna Korma$12.50
Mixed vegetables in a cashew creamy sauce.
Palak Paneer$13.25
Homemade cheese with fresh spinach & herbs.
Shahi Paneer$13.50
Cheese in a cashew creamy sauce.
Tadka Dal Maharani$10.95
Yellow split lentils with ingredients.

Tandoori (Served with rice & sauce)

Boti Kabab$17.95
Tender lamb marinated with spices.
Chicken Tikka$14.50
Chicken breast marinated in yogurt & spices.
Lamb Chops$17.95
Pieces of lamb chop marinated in special sauce.
Seekh Kabab$14.95
Spiced ground lamb chargrilled.
Tandoori Chicken$13.95
Chicken with bone marinated in yogurt & spices.
Tandoori Mix Vegetables$13.50
Marinated mix vegetables & paneer with herbs.
Tandoori Salmon$17.50
Marianted salmon with herbs.
Kumari Sizzler (Tandoori Mix Grill)$21.95
Tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, seekh kabab & shrimp.

Rice Specialities

Chicken Biryani$14.50
Basmati rice cooked with mildly spiced chicken.
Lamb Biryani$16.50
Basmati rice cooked with spiced lamb.
Shrimp Biryani$17.50
Basmati rice cooked with shrimp & herbs.
Vegetable Biryani$13.50
Basmati rice cooked with vegetables & herbs.

Tandoori Breads (Charbaked)

Garlic Naan$3.50
White flour bread with garlic, cilantro & butter.
Kashmiri Naan$3.95
White flour bread stuffed with cashews & coconuts.
Keema Naan$3.95
White flour bread stuffed with spiced ground lamb.
Onion Kulcha$3.95
White flour bread stuffed with spiced onions.
Plain Naan$2.50
White flour bread topped with butter.
Tandoori Roti$2.50
Whole wheat bread.

Side Orders

Fresh homemade yogurt.
Dipping Sauces$2.95
Fresh mint tamarind & onion chutney.
Mixed Pickles$2.95
Blend of mixed vegetables & chilly with herbs.
Nepali Achar$2.95
Homemade potatoes pickes.
Nepali style nachos. Served with chutney.
Homemade yogurt with vegetables.
Sweet Mango Chutney$2.95
Blend of sweet mango & spices.
Tikka Sauce$4.75
Hoemade creamy sauce.
Plain Rice$5.95
Long grain white basmati rice.
Lemon Rice$5.95
Yellow long grain basmati rice.


Gulab Jamun$3.50
Light ball pastry in think sugar syrup.
Homemade rice pudding with cashews.
Carrots Halwa$3.50
Fresh carrot cooked with milk. (Served warm)
Homemade Mango & Pistachio Icecream$3.95


Coconut Lassi$2.95
Homemade yogurt drink with coconut.
Mango Lassi$3.50
Homemade yogurt drink with mango pulp.
Strawberry Lassi$2.95
Homemade yogurt drink with strawberry syrup.
Sweet or Salted Lassi$2.95
Homemade yogurt drink sweet or salted.
Cranberry, Orange, or Pineapple
Sodas & Bottle of Water$1.50
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Gingle Ale, Lemonade & Water
Ice Tea$1.95